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All-in-One Windows Uninstaller

Uninstall any unwanted Windows apps. Completely

UninstallService is the powerful Windows uninstaller, yet lightweight to thoroughly and effectively uninstall any Windows app and associated files, including Registry entries, service entries, app files and other leftovers without any trace. Simple, powerful, effective, fast and safe without any hassle.

Meet the go-to Windows uninstaller to thoroughly remove Windows apps. Perpetual license, free upgrades, and free support for a lifetime

UninstallService Windows Uninstaller
The Issues

The standard method to uninstall a Windows app usually leaves loads of digital clutter that you and your Windows PC do not need, and even causes troubling issues you can't resolve

  • Have you been troubled in installing or reinstalling Windows programs, saying that you have to uninstall a previous version?
  • The new Windows app can't be installed, with error messages stating that there are compatibility issues with other apps that you've no idea how to find and uninstall.
  • The drive space on your Windows PC is getting less and less, especially the system drive. Have you been wondering where and how to completely uninstall apps not regularly used?
  • My computer is gummed up with loads of crapware and is running slower and slower due to these bundles that I don't need at all.
  • There are leftover folders and files in the Documents and Program Files folder left by apps that have been uninstalled in the Apps and Features section. How to find them all and completely delete them?
  • After the manual uninstall process, your Windows PC can't be logged in due to accidentally deleting some files.
The fix

Powered by the all-in-one Windows uninstaller and the best-in-class support, UninstallService empowers you to manage all Windows apps in one place, effectively and completely uninstall any app and associated files with ease

The best scanning and removal core capability to uninstall any stubborn Windows app

Continuously developing for nearly 10 years and constantly updating to the latest Windows apps' releases and updates, UninstallService is the best all-around dedicated Windows uninstaller that you should have to uninstall any unwanted software, including the most stubborn crapware.

Simple to use. Intuitive. Lightweight

The modern-feeling interface does not overwhelm you in any way. The intuitive workflow is a simple-to-use process you've ever used for any best Windows app. Plus, it is lightweight to use without bogging down your Windows PC at any level.

Exceptional dedicated Windows leftover cleaner

The core leftover cleaner can effectively locate all the leftovers of any unwanted Windows programs in blazing-fast fashion, and then completely delete them forever without any hassle and cluttering experience.

Super reliable and safe to use

Built with reliable and safe app removal for your Windows PC in mind, UninstallService has been vigorously tested by dedicated staff to allow you to uninstall the programs without being worried about accidentally deleting the files that you and your Windows PC need.

The best-in-class dedicated support

UninstallService is proud of ourselves for offering the fast turnaround-time support in the industry, and direct on-demand developer support, in an effort to resolve your specific problems fast with ease.

Cheap, affordable and one-time price

UninstallService has any other competitors beat price-wise in the market, costing a single fee of $29.95 for perpetual licenses for both Windows and Mac uninstallers. You pay once and own these UninstallService uninstallers for a lifetime, plus free upgrades and free technical support.

Great Windows app uninstall features at a great price. Purchase once and own it forever.

Perpetual License

For a single price of $29.95, you can use UninstallService Windows uninstaller and Mac uninstaller forever.

Free Technical Support

As paid UninstallService users, you can submit any support request to our best-in-class tech support without future charges.

One Purchase for Windows and Mac Uninstallers

After the purchase, you'll be receiving licenses to use both Windows and Mac uninstallers for a lifetime, without any restrictions.

Free Updates and Free Upgrades

You'll be receiving updates for both Windows and Mac uninstallers without charges, and free upgrades that we'll be releasing every year.

Overpay apps monthly or annually? We've got your back by saving big.

Say goodbye to subscription-based utilities that are not reasonable to charge you monthly or yearly fees to use. Built with you in mind, UninstallService offers you the best-in-class uninstallers for a single cost, allowing you uninstall any Windows app in just a few clicks, purchase UninstallService once and use it forever, without breaking the bank.

License UninstallService Windows Uninstaller & Mac Uninstaller Subscription-based Windows Utilities
1 Year $29.95 $29.95
2 Years $29.95 $59.90
3 Years $29.95 $89.85
5 Years $29.95 $149.50
10 Years $29.95 $299.50

This price comparison data was last updated on August 20, 2022

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