About UninstallService

For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing guides, as well as the premium paid service UninstallService to help desktop users manage their desktop apps more effectively, clean up disk space, and fix the errors that apps can't be installed or uninstalled. We have been polishing the app removal solutions including keeping UninstallService uninstallers up to date with the latest app releases and updates. For every paid user, we deliver first-class customer support with lead developers standing by to help you through every problem you might have.

Founded in Sugar Land, TX, UninstallService is a private and family-owned repair service provider for PC & macOS devices, providing the best-in-class solutions while charging the most cost-effective fees. At UninstallService, not like most of the vendors, every service is one-time billed. That means your purchase once, and receive lifetime access, updates, upgrades to UninstallService uninstallers & support for a lifetime.