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Delete any unwanted Mac app. Thoroughly

UninstallService Mac uninstaller is built to completely remove any Mac app and associated leftovers with ease. It is powerful, effective and lightweight to complete the removal job for you without any hassle. It is the essential tool you should have to manage all your Mac apps in one place. Easy to use, effective, safe, notarized, and one-time charge.

UninstallService Mac uninstaller is notarized by Apple as a malware-free application

Meet the best uninstaller to thoroughly remove any Mac apps, packed into files with .dmg, .pkg, and .mpkg file extensions. A one-time charge for lifetime access, uninstaller updates & upgrades, and free technical support included

UninstallService Mac Uninstaller
The Issues

The regular drag-to-trash app removal way does not completely delete the unwanted apps and related files, resulting in actively-running apps slowing down your Mac, useless digital clutter occupying your disk space, and causing other errors

  • The removed apps are still running everywhere, slowing down your Mac. And you have no idea how to disable these apps and delete them forever.
  • The disk space on your Mac is getting less and less, with loads of the so-called leftovers taking up a large chunk of space. However, you don't know how to delete all of them safely.
  • Your startup disk is almost full with error messages asking you to clean up files. But you don't know how to get started.
  • Your Mac is running slower and slower with very little disk space left, and the supposedly-deleted apps are popping up at startup. How can you fix these issues?
  • After the manual leftover cleanup, your Mac does not run normally and can't be logged in.
The fix

Built with complete app removal and safety in mind, UninstallService Mac uninstaller is a one-stop-shop app that keeps your Mac spick-and-span, allowing you to effectively manage all Mac apps in one place, and effectively cleared out your Mac’s storage by thoroughly deleting all things of the unwanted Mac apps

The best-in-class scanning and removal engine to completely delete any Mac app

The core scanning and removal functions have been continuously polished for nearly 10 years, while also adding new features for optimal app removal from time to time, empowering you get rid of all things of the apps with .dmg, .pkg and .mpkg extensions.

Beautifully crafted, easy-to-navigate, and lightweight

The intuitive and modern user interface offers the same experience you've ever had for any best native macOS apps. All the workflows are seamless and easy to use. UninstallService Mac uninstaller is very lightweight to run without affecting any Mac performance.

The powerful and up-to-date leftover cleaner

The digital clutter cleanup has never been such a joyful experience, with the powerful help from the simple-to-use sanitization of the leftover cleaner, which can effectively locate all the leftovers of the unwanted Mac app, and then completely delete them without hassles.

Reliable and safe deletion

Built with safe app removal in mind, you can always count on UninstallService to delete any unwanted Mac app, as the core removal database has been vigorously tested and improved by dedicated teams, offering you peace of mind when using UninstallService for any app removal.

Industry-Leading technical support

UninstallService provides the best-in-class technical support, and one of the fastest turn-around times for support. And we try our best to resolve issues faster and effectively, by offering direct developers' support.

Cheap, affordable, and one-time price

With a single purchase, you'll be allowed to own your copy of the UninstallService Windows uninstaller and UninstallService Mac uninstaller for a lifetime. You'll also receive free updates, free upgrades, and free technical support.

Great Mac app removal features at a great price. One-time purchase, lifetime access.

Perpetual License

For a single purchase of $29.95, you'll receive the perpetual licenses of UninstallService Windows uninstaller and Mac uninstaller.

Free Technical Support

As paid UninstallService users, you can submit any support request to our best-in-class tech support without future charges.

One Purchase for Windows and Mac Uninstallers

It is the best cost-effective solution in the industry, allowing you to use both Windows and Mac uninstallers without any restrictions.

Free Updates and Free Upgrades

You'll be receiving updates for both Windows and Mac uninstallers without charges, and free upgrades that we'll be releasing every year.

The recurring apps are not reasonable and are overpaid. Save big with one-time-cost UninstallService.

Most of the utility apps ask you for recurring fees to use or pay the lump sum upfront. It is not fair and expensive over the years. UninstallService includes all things that you need to get rid of the unwanted apps with ease, at an INCREDIBLE one-time price!

License UninstallService Windows Uninstaller & Mac Uninstaller CCleaner Professional (Mac only) CleanMyMac
1 Year $29.95 $29.95 $34.95
2 Years $29.95 $59.90 $69.90
3 Years $29.95 $89.85 $104.85
5 Years $29.95 $149.50 $174.75
10 Years $29.95 $299.50 $349.50

This price comparison data was last updated on August 20, 2022

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