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Lifetime access to UninstallService Uninstaller

Lifetime updates and upgrades

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The most complete uninstall solution on the market powered by the best-in-class uninstaller and professional support

With UninstallService, all things of the unwanted app will effectively be removed within a few steps.

Streamlined & powerful uninstaller

Remove all items of the app completely in one place

Developed and polished for 10 years, UninstallService Uninstaller is a lightweight and powerful uninstall utility to completely remove the unwanted app and associated files. You will be able to access all the features, updates as well as upgrades for a lifetime, with one-time rate.

Exceptional developer support

Get 1-day-response support from developers

You will also receive lifetime priority support via 1-day-response ticket, live chat & premium support at the community. All of your technical problems will be directly handled by in-house developers, who resolve the problems within a faster timetable.

On-demand custom fixes

Receive custom fixes to your problem

A custom fix is the ideal support solution for a quicker problem fix. If there is a confirmed solution available, our developers will compile a new version for you to resolve the issue you request before we officially release a new version of UninstallService Uninstaller for all users to update.

The errors & issues

The regular way to uninstall a program is not complete with leftovers and even the program still running, resulting in taking up drive space, slowdowns & errors

Most of the desktop apps are released and distributed via the installers of .exe extensions for Windows devices, and .dmg or .pkg for macOS devices. And the typical solutions of using the included uninstaller for Windows or moving the app from Application into Trash for macOS are supposed to be sufficient to get rip of the app and associated files. However, these typical ways are usually resulting in leftover files, startup items & service items, at the best, and in some cases slowdowns, longer bootup, incomplete uninstall with the app actively running, or even install errors, indicating previous versions installed or not completely uninstalled & preventing updates, upgrades or new installation.

Windows app uninstall issues

  • The apps like Google Drive & Google Earth are unable to reinstall, updates or upgrades due to an existing installation or corrupted installation file.
  • The unwanted apps can’t be found at Apps & Features section or the Uninstall a Program in the control panel.
  • The unwanted app’s Uninstall button is not showing up in the list or can’t be clicked at Apps & Features section.
  • The apps like Discord, Epic Games Launcher as well as antivirus apps can’t be installed due to a previous installation or incomplete uninstallation. 
  • The unwanted app’s uninstallation is not thorough with leftover files, services and other items taking up large drive space.
  • The Windows system now can’t be logged in after careless misoperation during the manual uninstall process.
  • The Windows system is loading forever after removing the unwanted app via the uninstall process of Apps & Features.

macOS app uninstall issues

  • The unwanted app is still running actively everywhere after the removal by dragging into Trash from Applications section.
  • The app installation can’t proceed as it is saying the app is not compatible with apps that can’t be found to be removed.
  • The unwanted app is found at the Login Items section and other sections at Preferences after the standard removal process.
  • The unwanted app's leftover files are found anywhere like Applications & menu bar, and taking up precious disk space.
  • Mac device is running slower and slower with clutter everywhere. The menu bar now is jammed up with loads of unknown apps and apps are popping up whenever logging in without any consent.

The fix

Packed with the mixed power of premier uninstaller and support, UninstallService is built for complete app removal, taking back your drive space, restoring system bootup speed and performnce, and enhancing system stability. And it is one-time charge with lifetime access & support

Use the all-in-one uninstaller to get rid of the unwanted app & leftovers completely with ease

UninstallService Uninstaller is a community-based and solutions packed app with 10 years of continiously features polishing as well as bug fixing. You can get rid of any unwanted app completely with a few clicks. It is lightweight to run, and built to remove any app thoroughly & resolve the errors some app can't be uninstalled due to corrupt or broken files.

Get your device run back normally & stablely in one place

The intuitive & streamlined workflow of UninstallService Uninstaller allows you to manage all apps effectively out of the box. The packed features are built to terminate & the running secession of the app, remove all items like settings and leftover files, fix the install errors, and get back control of your device completely.

Enjoy the satisfied support experience from top-notch developers directly

UninstallService offers priority support for life. You will receive the immediate support to resolve the important and urgent concerns via the premium 1-day-response from developers. There are also exclusive sections in our community forum where our developers hang out there, and you will be granted to access to ask any question you want, and they will be happy to help you out.

Get the custom fixes to resolve the problem faster without any hassle

A custom fix is a way of hard programing solutions into a new UninstallService Uninstaller to fix the specific issue you have requested. Our in-house developers will determine whether a custom fix is needed, and then send you the newer version before we release it for other users to update, if needed.

Privacy and security is the foundation of everything

At UninstallService, your privacy and security are our top priorities, and are at the heart of our development. There is nothing sensitive tracked, either you or your device, other than the information to ensure our service is operational for you. There is no personal information stored except your Email to sign in UninstallService, and the Uninstaller log that you send to our developers for troubleshootings, and does not include any personally identified information about you or your device. In addition, there are no bundles and ads poping up to interrupt you in any way. You and your device are anonymous, and you are the host of your data.

Affordable one-time pricing with lifetime access, updates & support

UninstallService pricing options are one of the most cost-effective service licensing plans in the industry, affordable for everyone. It is flat and one-time charge, without any hidden fee to continue using everything that UninstallService provides, including the UninstallService app, updates & upgrades, and the fanatical developer support.

The All-in-One App Uninstall Service for Windows & macOS Devices

  • UninstallService app & lifetime access license
  • Receive app updates and upgrades
  • Flat and one-time pricing plans
  • Priority 24/7 tech support for life
  • Premium direct technician support for life